Finding Hope

Hope is described as an optimistic attitude or state mind based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one's life or the world at large. Its definition includes to ‘expect with confidence’ and ‘to cherish a desire with anticipation.’ In psychology, Dr. Barbara L. Fredrickson states that hope comes into its own when crisis looms that in turn opens us to new creative possibilities. Of the countless models that examine the importance of hope in an individual’s life, there are said to be two major theories that have gained a significant amount of recognition in the field of psychology; and one of the theories, developed by Charles R Snyder states in his book The Psychology of Hope, that hope should be viewed as a cognitive skill that demonstrates an individual’s ability to maintain the drive in the pursuit of a particular goal.

Applying hope to our everyday lives is a continuous test that we will go through at various times and stages in our lives. It would be easy to get dejected and feel hopeless but finding the space, power and with a mental and, or spiritual mind shift to hope, would lead to many life tests passed. It would not always be an easy task – I do have moments wondering why I am thrown these curve balls. The answer, it is because these challenges give me the strength to cope as I work through the situations. Realize that as time passes, finding that Hope becomes a part of who we are which in turn gives us the confidence to dream big and the drive to achieve.

Ray of Hope is the theme of our sixteenth issue in our interviews with international music star Akon and his hope to light up millions of homes in Africa through his solar power initiative Akon Lighting Africa . Renowned Architect Diébédo Francis Kéré of Burkina Faso and owner of Kéré Architecture tells us more about of his drive to his people of Gando – his village in Burkina Faso, by designing and building simple yet amazing structures with basic materials despite an initial lack of faith in his idea. He has gone on to build great structures around the world including The Obama Legacy Campus in Kenya. We also had the pleasure of interviewing two gentlemen Arno Michaelis and Pardeep Kaleka from two different walks of life, form an unlikely friendship and together push to unite people regardless of racial, cultural and religious backgrounds through their organization United 2 Serve.

Our second AfroStyle HomeStyle features The Villa Lanzarote – a home away from home in the Canary Island owned by Annalie and Stefan Telford! Of course, ASM will not be complete without the amazing diverse fashion and artistic spreads from the Philippines, China, USA, Myanmar, the Netherlands and India.

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Amaka N. Onyioha